Nigel Farage to stand for leader of the Liberal Democrats

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Nigel Farage has noticed there’s an opening for the leader of a party with actual seats in parliament and he’s totally up for it.

Farage, who has failed to get elected to Parliament on several occasions, says he is mad keen for another go but only if he can get into a party where there’s a chance of that happening.

Announcing his candidacy, Farage said that ‘these liberals’ go on about being tolerant and accepting of others and he just sees himself as putting that to the ultimate test.

“I think I’d make a great leader of the Liberal Democrats and I’m sure I can get them more MPs than I did as leader of UKIP,” he told us.

“Let’s face it, I can lose them ten and I’d still be doing better than I did last time.

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“And if they don’t vote for me then than just proves they’re intolerant and blinkered and everything I’ve always said they are.”

When told that Lib Dem policy is to rescind the Brexit vote and stay in Europe, Farage said that would be ideal as leaving meant he’d put himself out of a job once already when what he really wanted was to be on the rebellion gravy train for life.