Man who gets all his news from social media thinks Jeremy Corbyn is Prime Minister

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A man whose only source of news is what he sees on social media believes Jeremy Corbyn is Prime Minister, he has confirmed today.

38-year-old Simon Williams, who doesn’t usually vote, was inspired to do so by his entire friends list shouting at him for the last month, and now thinks their favoured candidate won by a landslide.

“We trounced the Tories,” he said, proudly pointing to the posts on his wall. “From what my mates are saying we must have got bloody millions more votes than them.

“I’d be surprised if they’ve got any MPs left from what I’ve seen shared from the Canary and Skwawkbox over the last few days.

“How many MPs has Jeremy got now? From what I’m seeing it must be five or six hundred at least!

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“All I’ve seen for days have been articles about how Theresa May should leave Downing Street immediately to make way for Jezza.

“Now we can start spending that magic money tree all my mates were going on about, right?”

However, Simon has yet to be told that Labour votes grow on the same tree as the magic money, which is why there’s just never enough of them.

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