Nicola Sturgeon accused of U-Turn after pledging to think carefully

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Nicola Sturgeon has been accused of abandoning core SNP principles after pledging to think carefully today.

The SNP lost a dozen seats in the election, resulting in a sharp change to established party policy.

SNP insiders admitted that they might find it easier to think carefully now that Alex Salmond has gone, seeing as how that was never his strongest point anyway.

However, Sturgeon moved to calm party loyalists by assuring them the moves were mostly cosmetic and she will not think too long or too carefully about anything.

“For too long, the government of Scotland has been short-termist and focused on issues remote from the things which are important to people’s lives,” she told reporters whilst skirting around who the government had been.

“In future, any SNP government will not take the people of Scotland for granted – unlike whoever it might have been that was the government for the last decade.”

“Who knows who that might have been. Still. Best not to think about that too much, eh? So no change there really.”