Eric Trump: The charity money is ‘just resting’ in my dad’s accounts

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Eric Trump has defended allegations that donations meant for sick children were funnelled to his father’s Trump Organization by explaining that the money is ‘just resting’ in his dad’s accounts.

A Forbes investigation alleges that the Eric Trump Foundation’s claims that virtually all money raised would go towards helping children with cancer as its charity golf events could use the family’s golf courses for free are incorrect as the charity actually did pay for their use, part of more than $1.2m that has no documented recipients past the Trump Organization, however, Eric Trump has explained that the money is ‘just resting’ in his father’s accounts.

Allegations that another $100,000 was funnelled to the Trump Organization, and a further $500,000 was re-donated to other family-connected charities, some of which went on to pay to use Donald Trump’s golf courses were also explained away by the fact that the money was ‘just resting’ in his father’s accounts.

When asked why the for-profit Trump Organization was billing the nonprofit Eric Trump Foundation for hundreds of thousands of dollars in a way that seemed to defy federal tax rules and state laws, Eric Trump replied, “That would be an economical matter”.