Ronseal goes into battle with Channel 4 over man who prefers sofa to DIY

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Over the past few weeks, the DIY giant has been going head to head with Channel 4 to persuade telly-watchers to get off the sofa and tackle those urgent household jobs.

Launched during Gogglebox ahead of the first May bank holiday, viewers were left shocked as Alex Brooker (as the voice of Channel 4) urged Ronseal to literally ‘wind their neck in’ as they watched a tub of Ronseal One Coat Fence Life visually go into battle with the Channel’s iconic blocks.

The battle, as shown in the video below, was watched at home by people like you who wanted their fences painted, but had literally zero intention of leaving the sofa to do it.

A Ronseal spoksperson told us, ““We’re fuming! We were looking forward to getting the nation’s fences sorted this summer but for six weeks now Channel 4 has been telling people to spend their whole weekend watching telly instead. Imagine how great people could feel if they’d get up off that sofa, go out and get that DIY done.”

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As millions of TV viewers watched the two brands jostle – literally – for viewers’ attention many saw them continue their spat on Twitter:

And they’ve even popped up on Facebook when people were least expecting it:

Since then, Ronseal and Channel 4 have continued to do battle for the nation’s sofa-dwellers, intent to bring each viewer round to their way of thinking.

Television owner Simon Williams told us, “DIY is for DIY people. I prefer to spend my bank holiday thinking about all of the DIY I should be doing.”

Williams’ wife Carolyn chuckled when told of his comments.

“I remember when Simon started talking about painting the fence ‘this weekend’. That was over 2 years ago now.”

You can see the campaign in full and connect with us on social using:

Hashtag: #RonsealTheWeekend





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