Husband slammed by wife for failing to remember cost of paint for planned kitchen extension

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A husband has been strongly criticised by his wife for not being immediately able to produce the cost of the paint that would be used in their planned kitchen extension.

“I genuinely don’t understand the big deal,” said Simon Williams, who recently published a fully-costed plan for a kitchen extension that would create space for a lovely new breakfast bar.

“Marjorie asked how much the paint would be, I said I couldn’t remember exactly and that I’d check the spreadsheet, and she called me an incompetent communist.”

However, Mrs Williams had a very different take on the incident.

“This is typical Simon. If he doesn’t know the cost of the paint then how can he expect me and the kids to have any confidence in his ability to deliver a kitchen extension?”

But Mr Williams hit back immediately.

“I do have the cost of the bloody paint, it’s in the bloody spreadsheet.”

But Mrs Williams refused to accept Mr Williams’ claims.

“No, he’s lost all credibility now. Not being able to immediately remember the cost of the paint? The man’s an abject disaster who can’t be trusted with money.

“I’m cancelling the kitchen extension, putting the TV on eBay and stopping the children’s pocket money, with all proceeds going to me and my friends.”

Mrs Williams believes her financial plans will lead to a strong and stable household.