Tory manifesto suggests further attacks on British public ‘from June 8th’, warns MI5

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An analysis of the latest Tory manifesto suggests further attacks on the British public are ‘imminent’ and should see the country’s threat level raised to critical, according to MI5.

A leaked report containing details of the alleged threat warned of a sustained strike at the heart of British values from 8th June onwards.

An MI5 source, who spoke to us on the promise of anonymity, urged the public to remain vigilant.

‘There is always a heightened security risk at election time, and we urge voters to remain wary at all times.

‘MI5 works to protect British citizens from danger, meaning we are well-trained in recognising and assessing the threat posed by those who wish to do us harm, hostile states for example, targeting our NHS, the old, the poor. The most vulnerable.

‘Written text often gives a good insight into the intentions of an organisation – how extreme they are, to what levels they will stoop.

‘The Conservative Party manifesto is one such alarming piece of extremist material compiled by a hostile state which bites at the ankles of its most downtrodden.’

The source went on to advise the public of the dangers presented on polling day.

‘The security services can only do so much – sometimes the best measures of protection are those you take yourself.

‘We urge voters to be extra-vigilant on 8th June – particularly when holding a pen.’