‘Covfefe’ is a real word and stays on the triple word score, insists Trump

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‘Covfefe’ is a real word and it isn’t getting moved from the triple word score, Donald Trump has told White House staffers today.

The word, which used all seven letters in his deck, scored over a hundred points giving him a comfortable lead.

Calling his opponents ‘losers’ and dancing round the office, Trump said ‘covfefe’ was real and even if it wasn’t before it is now he’s used it.

“It’s not a made-up word when the President does it”, he told Sean Spicer.

“I expect to hear you use it in a couple of statements today.

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“Maybe blame hostile press covfefe or something. I tell you – within five minutes everyone will be using it.

“I know words. I have the best words, and this is one of them.

“Is it my turn? I’m playing XzJhuti on a triple word score. It’s real. Very real.”