Paxman begins leader interviews by punching them in the face and calling them wankers

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Notoriously tough interviewer Jeremy Paxman began last night’s interviews with Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May by calling them wankers and punching them in the face.

“Jeremy likes to unsettle the politicians at the start of an interview,” said a BBC insider.

“Sometimes he does that with a really tough question, sometimes he’ll do that by being really nice.

“This time, however, he punched them in the face and called them wankers.

“It was an unusual start to an interview, but one that Jeremy felt was appropriate given the circumstances.”

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Jeremy Paxman has something of a fearsome reputation amongst politicians for his combative interviewing style.

In 2001 he began an interview with then Prime Minister Tony Blair by asking, ‘Why are you such a boggle-eyed c**t?’

He made William Hague cry during a 2007 interview by humming loudly whenever Mr Hague tried to answer a question.

Most famously of all, however, was the time that Mr Paxman walked out of an interview with a police chief muttering that he was ‘sick of these witless shitbags’.

Mr Paxman ended the interviews by administering a Chinese burn and nicking the leaders’ dinner money.