Tory manifesto serialised on Channel 4 as The Handmaid’s Tale

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In a highly unusual move, Channel 4 has decided to screen a dramatised version of the Conservative Party manifesto in the form of The Handmaid’s Tale.

The programme started on Monday night, and over the following weeks will depict life under a Theresa May government.

“It is an exciting way to really get our manifesto out there,” said Tory spokesperson and unspeakable swine Simon Williams.

“There is some exaggeration for dramatic effect but other than that, it’s a fairly accurate representation of life under a Theresa May government; a small number of well off people having a lovely time, vast swathes of the population in subjugation and misery, terrible clothes, and a brutal enforcing police force.

“Of course, under a Theresa May government you would never see such vast numbers of the brutal enforcing police force because of the cuts. But, as I say, some exaggeration for dramatic effect.”

Although unusual, it is not the first time the Tory party has released its manifesto in the form of a television programme – in the 1990s, John Major’s team released his vision for Britain in the form of Pride and Prejudice.

Unfortunately, the plan backfired as everyone only watched it up until the part where Colin Firth got his chest out in a pond and then switched over and voted Labour instead.