Abhorrent dickheads waste no time doing bidding of other abhorrent dickheads

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Abhorrent dickheads intent on a holy war against non-Muslims are getting a lot of help today from another bunch of abhorrent dickheads calling for basically the same thing.

With many dead, and many more victims fighting for their lives in Manchester hospitals, frothing right-wing bigots have called for authorities to ‘bomb the hell out of the mooslims’ in a move that would be the preferred next step of any Islamic terror organisation that might claim responsibility.

“We should start a war on these mooslims, show ‘em who’s boss,” explained Simon Williams, a follower of precisely the sort of Facebook pages you’d expect.

“Chuck all the mooslims out of the country, then nuke the rest of them, that’s what I reckon we should do,” he said with a predictable level of candour.

“The only way to beat them is to blow them all to hell,” he concluded with the sort of certainty only ever heard from the truly ignorant.

“Yes, that would be lovely, thank you,” explained one ISIS official.

“Seeing as we do all this terror attack stuff purely in the hope of luring you infidels into a holy war, it would be just lovely if you could jump right in and start the fighting today?

“We call on your Katie Hopkins, your Paul Nuttall, your Britain First to do precisely as we expect them to do.  They are a great help in times like this.

“Isolating more moderate Muslims would also be welcome, so maybe you could attack a few of them insisting they’re members of our group?

“As you know, every little helps.”