Moody teenager refusing to come out of his room insists he’s being ‘detained against his will’

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Moody 14-year-old, Jack Williams, has insisted that he hates you and is refusing to leave his room, claiming to anyone that will listen that he is being detained against his will.

“Oh that’s so cute,” explained his mum when hearing of his little tantrum.

“He’s being a very silly boy. Obviously there isn’t a lock on his door – it’s not a prison, so he can leave anytime he wants to. He’s not being detained in any way shape or form.”

Jack explained, “I hate them and I’ll never forgive them for this. I certainly won’t forget.

“Sure, they say I can leave, but as soon as I do they’ll want to talk to me about the skateboard marks on the hall floor and the football ‘someone’ put through the garage window. So technically I am being detained.

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“Yes I am, shut up.”

Williams’ father Simon told us, “I’ve already explained to him I’m not going to punish him for the broken window, but this is his mum’s house too, so when he eventually chooses to leave his room, which he can do any time he likes, he’ll have to answer to her, like an actual grown-up.

“Or he can remain a man-child and stay in there forever. Up to him really.”