Brilliant Government unveils absolutely fantastic new regulations about what people can say online

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New regulations on what can be posted, shared and published online are an absolutely brilliant idea and will make everything better for everyone.

The rules, which are being proposed by people who are your friends and just want the best for everyone, will improve the Internet by making sure only approved content is shared – which is in your and our interest.

The Internet will be run in the best interest of The People, who have a tremendous track record, so rest assured your pals in government know just how to make this the best Internet ever – where you won’t have to worry about seeing anything that might upset you.

Simon Williams, managing editor of NewsThump told us, “These changes can only make our content better. By ensuring we don’t write anything offensive or untrue, the whole Internet satire business will improve beyond recognition.

“I think everyone over here at NewsThump Towers agrees that having a bureaucracy to oversee our content will guarantee we only produce the finest of material, which will allow us to focus on what really matters – not upsetting anyone in government.”

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