Horror of General Election finally becomes apparent after Michael Gove appears on TV

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The genuine horror of another General Election campaign finally became apparent to millions of voters yesterday after Michael Gove appeared on the news.

Viewers were left reeling after Channel Four News cut to some interviews and, without warning, Michael Gove appeared.

“Christ, I’d forgotten how bad it could get,” said visibly shaken viewer Simon Williams.

“I mean, you hear there’s going to be another General Election campaign, you think ‘oh that’s a bit of an eight-week ball ache, but I can deal with that,’ and then Michael Gove appears and it’s like someone’s punched you in the face with a massive smug twat.”

Mr Gove appeared at around 7.20, and the National Grid reported the largest instance of mass turn-off of televisions since Nigel Farage led the cheers of a small group of triumphant Brexit supporters on the morning of the referendum result.

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It is expected that Mr Williams and millions like him will make a full recovery from Micheal Gove but are advised to take it easy for the next 24 hours.

It is understood that after complaints about the surprise Michael Gove appearance, broadcasters have agreed to restrict appearances by Mr Gove – and similar characters like Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson – to post-watershed time slots preceded by a warning.