British electorate hugely excited to see what will be written on the side of this campaign bus

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As a general election was called for 8th June, the British electorate has announced its excitement ahead of the unveiling of the pro-Brexit government’s new campaign bus.

With it being almost a year since they were last exposed to an impactful campaign bus, voters have said they are eagerly anticipating the fiction that will appear before them in the next couple of weeks.

Voter Simon Williams told us, “It’s like the premiere of a new Marvel movie.  We all now it’s a complete fabrication and not to be literally believed, but that doesn’t mean we can’t suspend disbelief long enough to appreciate it for its entertainment value.

“When it comes to bus-based escapism, this current crop of pro-Brexit government ministers really are the cream of the crop – they will push the boundaries and surprise us all, I’m sure.

“No spoilers, but I’m betting on something to do with everyone in the UK being better off after Brexit, and a promise to lower taxes.”

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