Steve McClaren applies for vacant Derby County managers position

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Steve McClaren has applied for the vacant Derby County position, confident that the third time is a charm.

Just hours after being sacked by Derby County for the second time, McClaren asked for an interview at Derby County where he plans to explain how his recent experience will be invaluable in helping Derby achieve their dream of Premier League football.

“They say you should never go back, but then they said that last time,” McClaren told reporters.

“You have to remember, I’m a much more experienced manager now than the one they sacked yesterday – I’m older and wiser, and that’s what Derby needs at this important time.

“I’m not the naive fresh-faced 55-year-old they hired way back in October 2016. I’m now a much more haggard looking 55-year-old.”

Derby fans were not concerned about McClaren’s latest job application; until hearing the views of the board.

Derby chairman Mel Morris told us, “I thought he was joking, but the worrying thing is, I’m starting to think a man with his CV could be just what we need right now.”