New Star Wars film to depict a life on benefits in space

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In a surprising departure from the familiar Star Wars template of adventure, derring-do and space battles, the new standalone Star Wars film is to be a savage indictment of life at the margins of society under a bureaucratic, uncaring state on the desert planet of Tatooine.

‘Saturday Night, Tatooine morning’ will focus on the Tatooine benefits office and the everyday struggle of the workless and disenfranchised.

Barry Skywalker, a distant cousin of famed Jedi Luke, is a decent man forced to enter the social security system after injury prevents him from working as a landspeeder mechanic.

“It’s a tough role,” said actor Simon Williams.

“Barry’s a decent man thrown into this Kafkaesque world of unthinking benefit office droids who just make cold judgements based on their pre-set programming.

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“He’s having to choose between giving his son synthetic bum-bum root or heating a single room in the community dwelling. I mean, how can you expect a first-generation bureaucracy droid from M4-78 to empathise with that?”

The film’s most wrenching scene shows Barry forced to drunkenly dance for obese crime lord Jabba the Hutt in order to get the money for a tin of space beans.

“Yeah, that was tough but, you know, we’re professionals. We did the scene and then afterwards I went up to Kenneth the Hutt, who was playing Jabba, and we just gave each other a hug.”

The film is expected to be released at Christmas and will be followed up by a new Star Wars film about workers’ failed attempt to achieve a true socialist collective on the Wookie planet of Kashyyyk.