GoFundMe campaign to pay Katie Hopkins legal bills holding steady at eighty pence

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An online campaign to help Katie Hopkins pay her legal fees has raised 80p and a used johnny since launching yesterday.

Hopkins, whose steadfast determination to stand by her deranged burblings irrespective of evidence has thus far cost her six figures and counting, is set to pay out over three hundred grand leading fans to create an online campaign to help her out.

“The case was unfairly biased against Katie because the lawyers and unelected judge relied on ‘facts’ to decide it,” said supporter Simon Williams, who created the campaign.

“If the people elected judges and other legal types then I’m confident there would be less focus on established facts and more on feels, which are more important.

“I’m pleased the donations of a shilling, a thruppenny bit and a week-old johnny show there are others out there who love Katie like I do.

“I’ve pledged to match all donations, so I’m off for a posh wank over a copy of one of her Muslim articles.”

The “Save Katie!!” Campaign will continue to run until it has raised the full £324,000 or the heat-death of the universe, whichever comes first.