Donald Trump announces revised list of banned countries now includes Hawaii

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Donald Trump has today signed a revised executive order to reinstate a ban on people from majority Muslim countries, and Hawaii.

A Trump spokesperson confirmed “We have identified people from Hawaii as a major threat to National security.

“Especially Hawaiians with a link to Kenya who were born in or around the early 1960s. Our intelligence tells us that they, in particular, are the source of all the nation’s problems.”

The controversial move is making some Republicans suspicious that the president has become increasingly obsessed with his predecessor in the White House.

“This is not an Obama ban in any way shape or form,” the spokesperson added.

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“There are plenty of Obamas that are still perfectly welcome in this country, plenty of them.

“And as for President Trump being somehow obsessed with Obama, I can confirm that this is complete nonsense. The President will tell you as much himself once he’s finished dismantling all the phones in the White House.”

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