Musical ‘a bit gay’

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There has been widespread surprise across the world that a newly released musical is a bit gay.

The live-action version of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast features characters bursting into song, burly men wearing tights and some cheeky humour.

Leading homosexuals have confirmed that this could mean that the film is ‘a little gay’.

“It’s incredible,” said Simon Williams, one of Britain’s top gays.

“Musical theatre being a bit gay! I never thought I’d live to see the day. I can only hope that this new film leads to many more musicals being a bit gay and we can finally put an end to the rampant heterosexuality that has always run through the musical theatre genre.”

However, there has been consternation in some parts of the world at a musical being a bit gay, particularly in Russia where they are considering a ban on the film.

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“Frankly, we are outraged that a musical is a bit gay,” said a representative for a President whose last set of official Christmas cards featured pictures of him topless in tight rider’s chaps smiling coyly at the camera.

“All the other musicals are so very, very straight. I cannot understand how this one slipped through.”

Following news that a musical is a bit gay, there is a suspicion that other things may also be a bit gay, including disco music, the Eurovision Song contest and those two nice middle-aged men who run the antique shop on the High Street.