Jeremy Corbyn to raise profile by wearing JoJo bow

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is to start wearing a ‘JoJo bow’ to help make him better known to voters.

The giant hair clips with massive colourful bows, have gained popularity thanks to a teenage dancing YouTube star.

The move is also part of a Labour strategy to increase Mr Corbyn’s appeal to younger voters, as the bows are very popular among primary school children.

An aide to Mr Corbyn said the JoJo bow was an essential element in the relaunch of the Labour leader.

“This will make Mr Corbyn stand out even more from run-of-the-mill politicians,” she said.

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“Jeremy has always claimed to be a new type of politician, and the JoJo bow will definitely confirm that.”

Many of Mr Corbyn’s thousands of supporters, especially among the Momentum membership, are said to be eager to follow suit and start wearing JoJo bows themselves.

The Shadow Cabinet is said to be divided over the issue, although Keir Starmer and Diane Abbott are said to be enthusiastic.

“We see it as a new revolutionary uniform,” said one activist, “rather like a Che Guevara beret.”

“At the next mass rally, we anticipate a sea of JoJo bow wearers.”

Corbyn is said to be eager to get ‘JoJo bowing’ started as soon as possible for fear that other politicians might steal the idea.

It’s believed the Lib Dem leader Tim Farron has been spotted trying on a JoJo bow in his constituency.

“We need to move quickly,” said one Labour supporter.

“Before we know it, Theresa May will be appearing outside Downing Street wearing one.”

“Then the race will be on to see who will be wearing the largest.”