Jeremy Corbyn urges voters to resign

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has called on UK voters to step down as the electorate and give people who will vote for him a chance.

Following Labour’s defeat in Copeland on Thursday, Mr Corbyn said that voters in the constituency “clearly weren’t up to the job” of voting for him.

“The voters in Copeland should do the honourable thing and let people who will always vote Labour have a go,” he said.

“Labour have held Copeland since 1935, so for them to stop supporting Labour now is unforgivable.”

Corbyn supporter Simon Williams was also critical of voters.

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“We’ve spent a lot of time blaming the media and the red Tories in the PLP, but it’s become increasingly clear that the real culprits are the voters,” he said.

“If they can’t get onboard with Jeremy’s message then they should do the decent thing and quit before they cause any more damage.”