BBC launch inquiry after Fiona Bruce eats Greggs Steak Bake during Six O’clock News

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The BBC has launched an immediate inquiry into the circumstances surrounding Fiona Bruce devouring a meat-filled pastry while reading the Six O’clock News bulletin.

The enquiry follows reports of unusually heavy betting activity in the minutes prior to Bruce eating the Steak Bake.

“Bookmakers were apparently offering odds of 10,000-1 that Fiona Bruce would eat a Steak Bake during the news,” said a BBC spokesman.

“And it seems that there was a huge amount of betting activity in the moments before Fiona sunk her teeth into the pastry while delivering an update on the House of Lords Brexit debate.”

Bruce has denied any wrongdoing and claims that most newsreaders keep a snack below the desk in case they get peckish between stories.

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“Huw Edwards keeps a big bucket of KFC below the desk,” claimed Bruce.

“And Sophie Raworth never goes in front of the camera without a 4-pack of Ginsters mini pork pies within touching distance.

“I know it was unprofessional, but I was so hungry because I went to a ‘legs bums and tums’ class with Tomasz Schafernaker and skipped lunch.

“The heavy betting activity was purely coincidental.”

The incident comes a day after Sutton Utd reserve goalkeeper Wayne Shaw was caught on camera eating a pie during the club’s FA Cup tie against Arsenal.

Shaw has since resigned amid allegations of betting irregularities and is due to start his new role as Chief Nutritionist with the Scottish national team tomorrow.

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