Liberal celebrities should ‘stick to day job’, claims plumber endlessly tweeting anti-immigrant propaganda

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Rich celebrities should not be using their profile to promote liberal views, according to a plumber whose Twitter feed is full of Britain First memes.

Gary Williams, 42, has been using the social network to tell ‘lefty snowflake celebrities’ to ‘shut it’ for weeks now, repeatedly explaining that they should ‘stick to the day job’.

He told us, “I don’t want he hear what a TV presenter or author thinks about the socio-political landscape, or whether they think immigration is a good thing for society as a whole – they should stick to talking out of the TV about football, or stories about wizards or whatever.

“However, my plumbing career gives me the perfect background to talk about complex political issues with both accuracy and authority. Because I have a very detailed personal anecdote about a Pole undercutting me for a job.

“I was trying to overcharge the customer, obviously, but that’s not the point – bloody Poles coming over here stopping plumbers exploiting good old-fashioned British customers. It’s disgusting.

“Thankfully we get to send them all back soon, thanks to Brexit.

“Wait, what do you mean the phase one deal means they get to stay. I didn’t vote for that! It said very clearly on the referendum ballot ‘send em all back’!”

At the time of publication, Gary had tweeted a photo of a recent bathroom installation his client had been ‘delighted’ with, before retweeting a meme of an angry foreign-looking man containing a poorly-written comment about him wanting to ‘take your daughter to Prom in a Burkha’.