Harrison Ford told to let Chewbacca do the flying from now on

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The film star has been told the odds of him safely piloting a plane are three thousand, seven hundred and twenty to one.

Ford, whose history of piloting features collisions and near misses with the ground, other aeroplanes and the Star Destroyer Avenger, has been advised to let his co-pilot take the controls from now on as it’ll be safer for all concerned.

Besides, he’s getting upset and it’s never wise to upset a Wookiee.

Ford was involved in a ‘near-miss’ with an American Airlines plane in Orange County, although AA have confirmed they have accepted the apology of their pilot, Captain Lorth Needa.

We asked a spokesman for the FAA if Ford can fly a plane and they told us “Fly? Yes. Land? No” before hanging up on us because it was a dumb conversation anyway.

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When asked if he thought he was getting too old to pilot an aeroplane, Ford told reporters that it’s not the years, it’s the mileage.

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