“Lock him up” chants Hillary Clinton of Michael Flynn

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Hillary Clinton has led a chant of “Lock him up” after National Security Advisor Michael Flynn quit over lying about secret contacts with Russia.

US law specifies that a private citizen who engages in negotiations with a foreign power without authorisation is a criminal, and lying about it to the vice-President after the fact only compounds the offence.

Flynn engaged in conversations with the Russian ambassador about sanctions before his appointment and then told all and sundry that he definitely hadn’t done that, no sirree Bob, that would be wrong – before suddenly remembering all about when some actual evidence emerged.

Speaking to reporters, Clinton cheerfully began a merry chant of “Lock him up!” when the subject was raised.

When asked what would happen to Flynn if she were in the Presidents’ position, she replied “He’d be in prison!” to laughter from the audience.

The White House has issued a statement saying that they don’t know what all the fuss is about, and if anyone wants to talk to the Russian Ambassador he’ll be at Mar-a-Lago for the weekend playing golf with the President, and it’s fifty grand to join them for a round.