I meant to say I lost friends at IKEA, claims UKIP’s Paul Nuttall

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UKIP leader Paul Nuttall has said he misspoke when saying he lost friends at Hillsborough, explaining that he meant to say ‘IKEA’.

Nuttall was criticised after the Hillsborough claim on his website, but pleaded it was merely a typo as he was describing a different Saturday afternoon nightmare he had endured.

“I have lost friends in IKEA, so I know what’s that like,” explained the UKIP candidate in the Stoke by-election.

“It was horrible, I had no idea if I would ever see them again, or if they would make it out OK – and that’s what I meant when I put those words on my website.

“It’s an easy mistake to make, like the mistake I made about me having a PhD, or the mistake I made about me being a former professional footballer.

“But rest assured, all of the other things I have said are absolutely 100% truthful and you should definitely vote for me.”

I think, therefore I am (not a UKIP voter)