Vladimir Putin appointed as Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor

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President Trump has once again defied both convention and logic by appointing Russian President Vladimir Putin as his new National Security Advisor following the resignation of Michael Flynn.

Mr Flynn resigned following accusations that he was too close to the Russian administration and could be susceptible to Russian blackmail, however ‘blackmail by Russia’ is considered less of a risk when employing Russia itself.

It is thought that the nomination of the ex-KGB head is a bid to clarify the situation going forward by substantiating the rumours of Russian influence White House.

The Russian president welcomed his appointment in characteristic style issuing a brief statement, shirtless from the back of a horse.

“It will be an honour for Mr Trump to serve at the will of the President,” he said.

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When asked by reporters if he meant “it would be an honour to serve Mr Trump?”, Mr Putin replied “you heard me” and galloped off into the sunset.