Man reminisces over ‘good old days’ when he didn’t give a shit about politics

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A 32-year-old man is remembering a time when politics was something reserved for his parents or his boring university friends.

Up until the age of 31, Simon Williams, a social media manager for a vintage furniture shop in East London, only came across politics occasionally – if he watched Have I Got News for You or if an amusing meme of Ed Miliband eating a bacon sandwich cropped up on his newsfeed.

But in 2017 politics is no longer something that doesn’t concern ordinary people like Simon.

“I remember switching off Radio 1 Xtra whenever the news came on,” reminisces Simon.

“It was something that just didn’t affect my life in any kind of way. People would occasionally bring it up down the pub, but I’d soon flip the conversation to football or films or something important like that. The 2000’s were such a brilliant, carefree time.

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“Kanye West was just coming on the scene, Coldplay were in their prime, and only boring twats gave a shit about Iraq or subprime mortgages. Whatever the fuck they were.”

But times have changed for people like Simon. He is now a staunch remainer and regularly sends irate tweets about the things  Donald Trump is doing in America.

“Since June 23rd 2016 I’ve had no other option but to get involved. What’s happening with Brexit and Trump is an abomination. Why are we leaving the EU? It’s just ridiculous. Look at all the trouble it’s caused.

“If I’d known all this was going to happen I might have voted.”

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