Post-Brexit nativity chaos as Joseph and Mary told to ‘f*ck off back to Nazareth’

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A primary school nativity play has ended in chaos after the Brexit-supporting innkeeper told Mary and Joseph to ‘f*ck off back to Nazareth’.

The incident, which took place at St Nigel’s Primary School in Sevenoaks, occurred after several members of the audience voiced their approval when the innkeeper told Mary and Joseph “We’re full”.

As one parent in the audience told us, “There were calls of ‘hear, hear’ and ‘well said’ from several parents, who seemed quite happy to see a couple of immigrants turned away at the door.

“Despite Joseph’s protestations that Bethlehem was his hometown, the innkeeper repeatedly pointed to Mary’s bump and accused her of being a ‘scrounging health tourist’.”

As the production descending into chaos, the children’s teacher tried to intervene by feeding the innkeeper the correct lines, but one of the parents is reported to have stood up and accused her of being an ‘EU quisling, liberal elitist who lives in a Westminster smear bubble’

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“No, we’re not entirely sure either,” explained the teacher.

The nativity continued with little regard to the script, but to raucous cheering from sections of the audience.

The scene concluded with the innkeeper then telling Mary and Joseph to “Get back on your donkey, turn round and fuck off back to where you came from.”

The school’s headmaster has defended the nativity scene and said that the slightly different interpretation of the events of the first Christmas was a “reflection of the times in which we live”.

“The innkeeper was just telling it like it is,” he insisted.

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