Man ‘working from home’ sends just the right amount of emails

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Timothy Spalling, a 32-year-old IT consultant from Redhill, Surrey, set his alarm for 8.36am this morning to send a reply to his team simply saying “On it. Leave it with me”, before falling back asleep.

His clever deception continues at 10.02am when he follows this up with “Has Janet from accounts been to our floor yet?” while flicking between Homes Under the Hammer and PornHub.

Mr Spalling’s story is not an uncommon one in which an undercover operation has revealed that some people working from home aren’t actually ‘working’.

While many are shocked by this revelation, it seems that sending a non-descript email every 60-90 minutes is enough to dupe an entire company.

A colleague of Timothy remains clueless about his work ethics heaping praise saying, “You can just see how diligent Tim is. I know he’d rather be here in the office, but working from home gives him an opportunity to just get work done without distractions.

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“His email at 7.12pm yesterday evening just goes to show how he never stops. He’s a real inspiration.”

Now watching Escape to the Country while playing online poker, Mr Spalling reflects on his achievements for the day.

“It’s like being in the office, but far more productive,” he says.

Timothy interrupts the interview to send another email – ‘Grabbing a sandwich. Be back in 15’.

“The boss is so impressed with me we’re talking about doing this full-time.”