2016s were much worse when I were a lad, claims Yorkshire Grandad

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A northern Grandad has claimed if you think this 2016 has been bad you should have seen the ones they had when he were a nipper.

Simon Williamthwaite, 81,  from Pontefract, says that youngsters these days should be glad that they weren’t around in his youth, when 2016s were terrible events which would sometimes stretch for decades.

Responding to claims that 2016 has been an awful year and people will be glad to get it over with, Williamthwaite gave a contemptuous snort and suggested that this 2016 has been a pleasant and easy one compared to the ones of his youth, and added that kids today don’t know how lucky they are.

“You youngsters, with yer David Bowie and yer Prince and yer Brexit and yer Donald Trump all going around bleating that it’s been a bad 2016. You’ve not lived,” he insisted over a half of stout at his local.

“You call that a 2016?

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“Eee, in my day we had 2016’s that went on for six or seven years. I remember the terrible 2016 when I were eight year old, eee, that were a proper 2016 . We had Winston Churchill, the Queen, the Pope, John F Kennedy, Gandhi and God all dead in a week.

“‘course, I tell the kids of today that,” he added, “and they just won’t believe me.”