Islamotron Qur’androids set to invade Earth and steal your job, claims Daily Mail

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Islamotron hate-cyborgs are heading to Earth from the Muslim World to steal your job, and that’s official!

The Qur’androids, whose space mosques are expected to enter our solar system in time to ban Christmas, will put 15 million Britons out of work.

The public have expressed their outrage at the imminent invasion, and called on the government to strengthen Earth’s atmosphere.

“No doubt they’ll be getting state handouts and priority housing,” said Islamotechnophobe Simon Williams.

“We need to leave the solar system and take back control of our atmosphere!”

New Ukip leader Paul Nuttall insisted that only his party is standing up for hardworking British patriobots, and accused “liberal elite” astronomers of being too outward looking.

“Establishment astronomers are more interested in pointing their telescopes at other planets than focusing them on Earth,” he said.

“What we need, and what I will fight for, is a British Earth for British people.”

I think, therefore I am (not a Daily Mail reader)