Institute for Fiscal Studies changes economic outlook to a picture of Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’

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The IFS has downgraded its forecast for the UK economy from ‘robust’ to a picture of Edvard Munch’s iconic exploration of existential angst ‘The Scream’. 

The move follows the Chancellor Philip Hammond’s Autumn Statement on Wednesday which forecast that Britain’s finances could be facing a post-Brexit black hole.

“We put out a statement on our website stating that wages were due to stagnate for at least another 5 years,” says Chief Economist at the IFS Dr Simon Williams.

“And we put up some lovely graphs and pie-charts, but nothing seemed to capture the full horror of the state of the country’s finances.

“So we took all that stuff down and put up Munch’s ‘Scream’ instead.

“It’s a bit short on detailed analysis, I grant you, but I think it captures the true essence of what we are trying to say.”

However, some commentators believe the IFS forecast is unduly pessimistic with many blokes in pubs describing it as ‘a load of old bollocks’.

“This is typical doom-mongering by the liberal metropolitan elite,” explained one bloke in a pub.

“With their degrees and their doctorates and their decades of fiscal expertise. You lost the vote, just stop whingeing and get on with it.”

Dr Williams is concerned that many of those who voted for Brexit may not have been prepared for the detrimental impact on their own finances.

“It will be interesting to see whether the bloke in the pub will be so ebullient after a prolonged period of wage stagnation,” said Dr Williams, before adding the word “bellend.”

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