Donald Trump tells UK: You should make Kate Bush the new Queen

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Kate Bush would make a magnificent queen for the United Kingdom, Donald Trump has suggested.

The President-elect singled out the 58-year-old singer as the perfect candidate after watching a video of her 1980 hit Babooshka on YouTube.
“I’m sure many people would like to see her represent Great Britain as their Monarch,” he told reporters following a Tweet in the middle of the night.

“In that video, she looks equally good in a skin tight catsuit and a chain mail bikini. Not many women can pull that off.

“Ok so she’s in her 50s now, but that kind of works for me. Plus Elizabeth is how old? A hundred and nine? Most people would see Kate Bush as a serious upgrade.

“So to recap, stunning looks, great choice in bikinis, British. Face it: she ticks all the boxes.

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“Later I’ll be tweeting my thoughts on who should be Pope. Can the Pope be a woman?”