Monday 21 November 2016

Tony Blair considering return to politics because that’s what happens in 2016

Tony Blair making a comeback

Tony Blair is said to be considering a return to front-line politics because of course he bloody is.

The former prime minister has consulted with many leading political figures about how he can help ensure Britain gets the best deal from the Brexit process because apparently, this is what happens in 2016 now.

Political expert Simon Williams told us, “Tony Blair returning to politics is about par for the course in 2016.

“In any other year such news would have sent shockwaves throughout Westminster and across the nation, but in 2016, it’s greeted with a shrug and people going ‘yeah, that sounds about right’.

“This year we have become immune even to the sight of Beelzebub himself rising up before us, so unless he’s going to do something horrific by 2016 standards, it’s going to be a quiet return for Tony.

Voter Mike Matthews told us, “Just when you think 2016 is done with you, it kicks you right in the knackers.

“Bowie, Prince and Wogan all dead, but this fucker is making a comeback.

“Bloody typical.”

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