‘For Dummies’ publisher receives anonymous request to create ‘Presidency for Dummies’

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The publisher behind the ‘For Dummies’ series of self-instruction manuals has revealed that they have received an anonymous request to produce ‘Presidency for Dummies’.

“We received a handwritten note on Wednesday morning,” said David Dummy, proprietor of the ‘For Dummies’ book company.

“It simply asked us to make the Presidency for Dummies book, and give particular attention to chapters on making a country great again and convincing toupees.”

Mr Dummy refused to speculate on who had sent the note.

“I mean, yes, it was simply signed ‘D’ and it came on Trump Towers stationery but I’m not going to get into who I think might have sent it.”

Mr Dummy also refused to comment on rumours that the word ‘Presidency’ in the note was spelt with a ‘Z’.

Whilst the company is considering the request, Mr Dummy admitted to concern regarding demand.

“I’m genuinely not sure what the market for a book like this would be. I mean, we could definitely sell one, but any more than that? Is George W. Bush planning a comeback?”

Suggestions that this particular edition of ‘Presidency for Dummies’ should just be a single piece of paper with the words ‘Don’t f**king do anything’ written on in big letters have been dismissed as unhelpful.