Donald Trump to rethink abolishing Obamacare now that he actually knows what it is

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US President-elect Donald Trump has announced he is considering going back on his pledge to abolish Barack Obama’s health care bill after spending a few minutes reading about it.

Trump is said to have had a change of heart when the current President explained to him what Obamacare actually was.

Trump said, “I always imagined it was some sort of Muslim terrorist agenda dreamt up in Kenya.

“Being a billionaire in perfect health and with my own private doctor – just in case, y’know – I wouldn’t know.

“Turns out it’s got quite a bit going for it.

“Who woulda thought?”

Trump is also thought to be hesitating on formalising his demands for Mexico to build and pay for a wall across the southern U.S. border.

“I’ve spoken to some people, and I now believe there are one or two things about Mexico that I would like to keep,” said Trump.

“We were looking at a map earlier, and it seems Mexico’s even bigger than one of my golf courses.

“Building the wall could take a while, and it would have to be really bigly.”

President Obama was reported to be lying down in a dark room somewhere and unavailable for comment.