Alan Sugar considering his options

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Following former ‘The Apprentice’ host Donald Trump’s triumph in the US Presidential race, current UK ‘The Apprentice’ host Alan Sugar is said to be considering his options.

“I don’t think it had ever occurred to Lord Sugar that running for office would be an option,” said a friend of the business magnate.

“Largely because, having no political experience or knowledge of what it takes to run a country, it would be an incredibly stupid, terrifying and dangerous idea.

“However, being a stupid, terrifying and dangerous idea doesn’t seem a barrier to holding high office anymore, so he is giving the option consideration.”

It seems that Lord Sugar isn’t the only reality star who is considering a political career.

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“Yeah, what I think is that, you know, I might be a Prime Minister and everything,” said terrifyingly breasted ‘author’ Jordan.

“I mean, I’m a successful businesswoman, and I’ve been on telly a lot, you know, like Mr Trump, so why not?”

The British people appear to be reacting warmly to the idea.

“Well, as a voter, I’m obviously colossally f**king stupid,” said Simon Williams.

“So I definitely think that voting the presenter of The Apprentice in as leader of my country would be a completely genius idea.”