People on benefits receive award for outstanding contribution to Channel 5’s schedule

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Benefit claimants have defied critics who say they don’t contribute anything by receiving an award for their outstanding contribution to Channel 5’s TV schedule.

Editor of What Scapegoat? magazine Simon Williams presented the award at an arsehole-studded event in London yesterday evening.

“What better way to unwind after a hard day at work than by getting angry because an overweight man on benefits has a pet cat and a dirty fridge,” he said.

“Why get worked up about tax avoidance on a massive scale when you can experience the fury of watching a work-shy teenager playing Call of Duty on his Xbox?”

Iain Duncan Smith, who accepted the award on behalf of benefit claimants, said: “Creating the impression that everyone on benefits is undergoing plastic surgery in a bid to become a glamour model has been invaluable in gathering support for welfare cuts.

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“When people think of benefits claimants, it’s important they don’t think I, Daniel Blake, but that they think iPhone and iPad.

“If you or your family have ever gone hungry or cold because of welfare cuts then I will treasure this award on your behalf.

“Thank you.”

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