Woman enters 4th straight hour of telling boyfriend how her day was

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Carla Hughes of Reading has tonight entered her fourth straight hour of telling her boyfriend how her day was, breaking her previous record of three hours 52 minutes.

According to reports, Hughes arrived home at approximately 5:30pm, when she took her coat off, greeted boyfriend Simon Williams, and asked how his day was.

Williams replied, “Fine thanks. How was yours?” triggering the start of what became an epic, real-time account of what Sheila in accounts said to Debbie in marketing and what Debbie in marketing said back to Sheila in accounts.

The monologue then continued for another 35 minutes covering themes of how payroll messed up Hughes’s expenses yet again, how no one in sales listens to her ideas, and how the milk-buying rota is heavily skewed against people who just have one cup of tea a day, two at most, before just continuing some more.

Hughes showed signs of tiring at the two-hour mark, but got her second wind when she remembered how another driver hadn’t indicated at the busy roundabout on her way to work that morning and how it’s people like that who always cause all of the accidents.

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With Hughes only having got to lunchtime at the time of writing, and with a lengthy admin meeting where you won’t believe what Helen – no not that Helen the other Helen – said to her still yet to come, the address is expected to last until at least bedtime.

Williams has also broken his own three-hour 52-minute record of nodding and going “Uh-huh”.

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