UKIP to turn to the saxophone guy from Lost Boys for their new leader

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It has been revealed that UKIP has reached out to the saxophone guy from the movie Lost Boys to be their new leader.

“It’s been a tricky few months,” said a UKIP insider.

“Obviously, Nigel quit as leader to go to the pub, he was replaced by that lady whose name I forget. She then left very quickly after meeting UKIP supporters, and now the favourite to take over has stropped off because he was duffed up in a car park.

“It’s time to restore a bit of credibility to UKIP, and we think the Lost Boys saxophone guy is the man to do that.”

The appointment seems to be finding favour amongst UKIP supporters.

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“Yeah, I like him. He looks angry about stuff,” said Simon Williams, a UKIP supporter and bicycle seat sniffer from Colchester.

“You know, fierce. He plays the saxophone like someone who’s tired of unchecked immigration and the liberal elite.

“He’ll be really good, I think.”

However, Lost Boys saxophone guy wasn’t UKIP’s first choice for the leadership.

“No, we’d originally wanted the vibrator-stuck-up-the-bum student, or the man from Hull who dresses up as Batman and chases killer clowns,” continued the insider.

“But they’re a little out of our league.”