Tory councillor to strengthen democracy by making it illegal to disagree with him on Brexit

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Conservative councillor for Guildford Christian Holliday has called on parliament to make it a criminal offence to disagree with him about Brexit.

Holliday, who was also a coordinator of the Vote Leave campaign, is so sick of people offering an opinion contrary to his own that he wants such behaviour outlawed.

He told reporters, “I am sick and tired of people pointing out all the things that are going wrong after we voted to leave the EU, so I want it to be illegal to say anything bad about Brexit so I can keep telling myself it’s the best thing ever.

“If you so much as praise the EU, or in any way make me doubt my position on Brexit, then I want you locked up – the British people voted for Brexit, and the way to maintain our democracy is to imprison anyone who disagrees with that view.

A spokesperson for Theresa May said, “Jesus Christ, I thought all the loons had already joined UKIP?”

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