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‘Grabby Trump’ costume becomes Hallowe’en’s biggest seller

Donald Trump halloween costume

A terrifying Donald Trump costume is set to become this year’s unexpected hit Hallowe’en outfit.

The costume, which is composed of a piece of carpet, a comedic small false penis  and a pair of joke tiny hands, is understood to have sold out within days.

A number of accessories are also available for the outfit, including a large ‘ladies changing rooms’ key, a small stuffed cat for jokes about grabbing, and a 500-sheet roll of pre-printed blanket denials.

Such has been the popularity of the horror costume that it has caused a nationwide shortage of bright orange makeup.

“We were expecting creepy clowns to be the big thing for hallowe’en this year,” retailer Simon Williams told us.

“But it turned out that nobody had predicted the real thing would be within spitting distance of the most powerful job in the world.

“We didn’t bother making any Hillary Clinton costumes, we just bought a job lot of second-hand Wicked Witch of the West outfits and they’ve been flying off the shelves as well.

“The green makeup matches the unhealthy pallor of her complexion really well.”

Despite the popularity of ‘Rapey Trump’ , manufacturers confirm that the other costume in the line – ‘Sexy Trump’ – has thus far failed to sell a single unit.

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