Thursday 13 October 2016 by Spacey

Nation either loving or hating news of Marmite Brexit shortage

Marmite removed from Tesco

Brexit-related price changes have forced Tesco to remove Marmite from its shelves to the complete horror or complete delight of its customers.

Opinion has been divided since the announcement was made on Wednesday evening.

“It may seem strange, but there has been absolutely no indifference to the Marmite withdrawal whatsoever,” revealed a spokeswoman for Consumer Association.

“Shoppers that we interviewed in relation to the news displayed either excited enthusiasm or total disgust at the news.”

Giving their reaction to the incident, one married couple were in total disagreement.

“I couldn’t be happier that the devil’s paste is no longer on the shelves next to the lovely British jams,” enthused 34-year-old-old Nicola Henderson.

But her husband, David, struggled to express his disagreement in strong enough terms.

“Urrrghhh, Christ, this is a national disaster – bloody Brexit!” he said through mouthfuls of dry toast.

“I take it back, we can stay in the EU and sink under the weight of the immigrants, just give me my Marmite!”

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