Donald Trump furious at women claiming he did things he was recorded admitting he did

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Donald Trump is furious at all the women coming forward to claim he touched them in precisely the sort of way he admitted to doing on a tape released last week.

With further allegations of sexual misconduct appearing in the New York Times and People magazine, Trump said the women involved are only saying he did these things because he was taped admitting to doing them.

Trump told a rally of supporters who would cheer his name if he literally raped a woman on stage, “How dare these women come forward and say I did all these things that I already admitted I did,”

“Just because a man is recorded saying he forces himself on women because he can get away with it doesn’t mean he goes around forcing himself on women because he can get away with it.

“The claims are terrible lies, and I am going to sue them. Sue them bigly. So big. It’s going to be terrific, just terrific.”

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Political commentator Chuck Williams was asked what he thought of the many sexual assault allegations against Trump now surfacing, just as the election enters its final weeks.

He told us, “I’m sorry, does this really surprise anyone? Seriously?”

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