Donald Trump to force himself on Republican party whether they want him to or not

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Donald Trump has confirmed that the Republican party doesn’t actually mean it when they say they don’t want him.

Speaking to reporters, the nominee has said that he’s in now and he’ll stay until he’s finished despite their request that he withdraw.

If the party hadn’t wanted him to stand for President in their name, well, they shouldn’t have led him on and he’s only doing what any red-blooded guy would do under the circumstances.

Republican Party chairman Reince Priebus had condemned Trump’s comments about grabbing women and not letting go, and asked that he stop doing the same to his political party, only to be rebuffed.

“We only support this sort of behaviour when it’s happening to other people”, he said, “And when it happens without witnesses behind closed doors so we can cast doubt upon testimony.

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“Someone grabbing my most intimate party in a public place is making me feel uncomfortable and unhappy. Why won’t he stop when I ask? And why is everyone laughing at me?

“Now they’re telling me we might have to carry Trump for a full term. What’s that all about? I fully support a Republican’s right to choose on matters of their own body politic.”

When asked why he had grabbed the Republican party and couldn’t be made to let go, Donald Trump is understood to have replied, “Because they’re a bunch of pussies.”

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