Concerned junior doctors offer to help Jeremy Hunt secure his NHS lapel pin

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Some doctors have kindly offered to assist Jeremy Hunt to dress properly.

The Health Minister has been sporting an NHS lapel pin of late, to the delight of the medical staff who definitely don’t want the man dead.

“Just a bit worried about that pin,” snarled junior doctor, Simon Williams.

“Looks a little loose, like it could fall off at any moment. I’d like to make sure it’s properly secured to his proud, proud chest.”

Nurse, Elizabeth King, said “We’re all really, really happy that Jeremy is wearing that pin. It leaves a wonderful taste in the mouth.

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“But none of us wants to see it fall off; that would just be embarrassing. We’d all be quite happy to hold him down and make sure it’s really not going anywhere with our special pin-fastening hammers.

“Yes, they do look a lot like sledgehammers, you’re right.

“That’s why we doctors are so important. We know the difference between a pin-fastening hammer and a sledgehammer that could cave in a man’s chest while a group of medical professionals dance around in a circle, laughing and chanting.”