Silly Old Dad f*cks it up again

author avatar by 7 years ago

Silly Old Dad, despite being a grown-up fully-functioning adult man has found himself incapable of using an oven without help from his sassy, wise-cracking daughter.

Silly Old Dad arrived home after Good Old Mum had gone out, probably to a friend’s kitchen to drink coffee and discuss which yoghurt is best for improving digestive transit.

Wanting to eat up a cottage pie lovingly created by Good Old Mum, Silly Old Dad found himself baffled by the oven and so proceeded to smear the pie all over his naked torso and lie down on the kitchen floor.

Luckily Silly Old Dad’s sassy wisecracking daughter happened along wearing her headphones and playing some sort of ‘app’ on her smartphone.

Noting Silly Old Dad’s confusion, she quickly cleaned up her father, took another lovingly prepared cottage pie from the fridge and placed it in the oven before bopping off with a cheery ‘Yo Dad!’

However, Silly Old Dad also wanted some peas and so, fundamentally misunderstanding the concept of the freezer, he set fire to the kitchen.

Happily, at that very moment Good Old Mum returned home, and after ruefully shaking her head, fulfilled her womanly duties of preparing dinner before Silly Old Dad f**ked it up again like a big twat.