Tena Lady advert actress unaware this will be high point of career

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Being cast as an incontinent will be the high point of an aspiring young actress’ career, we can report today.

Simone Williams, who did a drama degree course before attending theatre school for three years, has been cast as ‘Woman with stress incontinence” for the 20-second film, which will appear on Yesterday, ITV 3 and 5 USA from September and pretty much forever after that.

Simone told us that when she was offered the role she was so excited ‘a bit of wee came out’, which was great preparation for the role.

A devotee of the Stanislavski Method, Simone has spent weeks diligently wetting herself at every opportunity to really become the character.

“God I was so thrilled,” she told us. “Three years at RADA for this. I’m glad we did those emotional release exercises so I can get into the damp kecks mood state.

“I’ve been really working hard at getting into character. I need to really feel the emotion when I sneeze and wet myself, darling.

“My Mum and Dad are so proud. All their love and sweat and tears to pay me through drama school has really paid off. This is my big break.”

Once the incontinence pad advert has wrapped, Simone hopes to make it through the auditions as ‘Harrassed girlfriend’ for a pizza delivery advert.